Mid-Century Modern(ization)

Redefining modern for a family-friendly home

Who We Are

We are a thirty-something married couple with a lot of ambition and a baby in tow.  In the summer of 2013 we rented out our small century-old bungalow and moved into our second home–a sprawling 2,600 SF contemporary rancher oozing potential,  but in need of major aesthetic updates.  This blog is where we chronicle our renovation progress as our 1958 time capsule undergoes an evolution of modernizations.  Slowly it is becoming a home that reflects both architect Gordon Sugar’s original design as well as our own personal style.


When we moved in, opening the front door transported you back to a time when Eisenhower was president and couches were the color of overripe avocados.  We envision a renovation that will keep in line with the period–you won’t see any colonial style cabinetry being installed–but with a fresh modern twist.  You also won’t see here the minimalist, stark rooms that the term “modern” often brings to mind.  With a small child running about, we’re all about functionality.  And color!  Maybe you’ll find some avocado pillows as a nod to what once was, but overall we’ll be doing away with the old and creating a bright (and even a little funky) family-friendly environment.

Anyone familiar with a mid-century modern home knows that their iconic features, while visually compelling, often come with a fair amount of drawbacks.  Let me just say that our home is no exception!  It has entire walls of glorious (albeit some still original single-pane) windows, a stream-lined (and water gathering) flat roof, spacious (laminate-clad) bathrooms with retro (read: blue! and yellow!) fixtures.  The list goes on: wall-to-wall carpet, floral wallpaper, VCT tile, yellowing paint, accordion doors, mauve mini blinds, old wiring, and “new” spot lighting circa 1989.



It won’t happen over night, but we know our dream home is lurking here somewhere.  Follow along as we embark on our quest to uncover it!


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