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Moodboards to the Rescue

Many apologies for the long absence.  The hiatus was three fold:

1) Having the house was FINALLY painted from ‘meh’ back to white was a long and trying process.  The change, while striking in person, is hard to document in photos since most my readers already assumed the dingy ‘meh’ color coating everything from doors, baseboards, ceilings and closets WAS white (many thanks to iphone filters!).  So, no reveal post for you, though you can check out this post wherein I did a small progress update and highlighted a couple feature walls.  I will show you this though — we painted our door Bermuda Blue to match the fireplace.  Love.


2) We’re starting to slow down in the frequency of our projects.  The more we get our house feeling like a home, the less compelled we I feel to continue tweaking it.  Don’t get me wrong, this place is far from magazine worthy, but there are more important things in the word.  Which brings me to…

3) Little Miss Quinn was born. This all-consuming bundle of smiles completed our family with her arrival in March.  She must have been born with some respect for home improvements because she arrived the very day our painted crew finished!  (living in a construction zone at 40 weeks pregnant is no joke, y’all!)


Needless to say, she and her brother have taken a good bit of our time an energy lately — we haven’t even paused to rehang the artwork throughout the house in the aftermath of the Great Painting Project of 2015.  Well, except in her nursery.   Clearly this picture was taken while the painting was still underway, but I love how this room came together — you can check out my mood board for it in this post.  I call it ‘tribal glam’.


But now that things are settling down I’ve become consumed with redecorating the master bedroom. I’m not even sure redecorating is the right word here since I never really decorated it to begin with, so you can imagine it was in need of an overhaul.  This is where I left off with the master on the blog — aside from that rug moving to Logan’s room (read about that here) it hasn’t changed a bit since 2013.


In spite of all the windows and aside for first thing in the morning, this east facing room is very dark because of the huge evergreens in the back yard. We painted the walls and ceilings bright white (lighter rooms in the house were painted a grey-white, see the nursery above) in an attempt to get the light to bounce around in there a bit more and I’m happy to say that it worked!  I was stuck, in more ways than one, with the dark furniture though. The two night stands, 8 drawer dresser, and highboy were a gift from my mom when we purchased our first house and are of exceptional quality. Unfortunately, my taste has evolved considerably since then and I was really struggling to make them work here. Being the visual person that I am, I made some moodboards to try and spark some ingenuity and I came up with a couple contenders. Does anyone else love moodboards at much as I do?!

master bedroom green

master bedroom grey&blue

Master Bedroom Inspiration

They were each great in their own way,  but I felt like I was trying too hard to inject bold colors into the room in an effort to overcome the dim lighting and the dark furniture when really what I craved was a calm and airy space. It took a while for me to admit it, but I realized that I needed to get over my guilt of unloading this bedroom set and just bite the bullet. So I’m doing it, I’m selling this wonderful 4 piece set and replacing it with a some mixed and matched pieces that really speak to me.  And so, a new moodboard was born!

Actual bedroom

Everything pictured above I actually already have — I just haven’t fully assembled it all in reality for a real photo yet. The rug we already owned, and the lamps ($39 each) and artwork ($29 each) I found at HomeGoods and purchased with store credit. The duvet ($99) is from H&M, but I used a coupon codes for free shipping and 15% off.  The curtains are the same ones as are in our living room and are from Ikea ($150 for four panels including the thermal liners), and the furniture are vintages pieces that I have collected. Oh, and I still think that DIY pipe bookshelf would be amazing (right now we have one of those 16 cube Ikea shelves on that wall — in black of course!).

I am absolutely in LOVE with how the warm wood tones work with the grey bedding to make such a welcoming space.  With the black furniture it was just too stark, but toss in some vintage pieces and a couple blue accents and I think it’s perfect.  I am tickled with my new vintage finds — a Broyhill Brasilia nightstand that I got for a song (the one on the right) and the Knoll credenza which is a family heirloom.  All told, this redo is only costing us $373 — almost half of which went to my Brasilia spurge item (soooo worth it!!) and the other half to the curtains which, with our harsh winters, were a necessity item anyway.  And let’s not forget the sale of the bedroom set which should fetch upwards of $800 and thus put money in our pocket when all is said and done.  Man, I love makeovers that pay me in the end!

I can’t wait to get it all set up.  Is it the weekend yet?!