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Little Updates for Little Ones


I’ve been MIA on the blog front lately, but there just hasn’t been much to blog about.  I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that it’s going to be a slow process to get this home where I want it, and I’m pretty happy with the way it’s coming along.  Crafting a home with champagne style on a beer budget takes time and patience.  You’ve got to lay in wait for good deals and be prepared to change your vision when something great but unexpected comes along.

Like a baby.


The past few weeks we’ve spent figuring out how we’re going to get an extra bedroom out of our three bedroom + den floor plan.  Right now we’ve got a master bedroom, Logan’s room, and a guest room that is fairly frequently occupied.  Since the baby won’t need much space for a while, we’ve decided to put the crib in the guest room for now (baby can sleep in a Pack N Play in our room when we actually have guests or something).  Eventually, the plan is to purchase a quality pull-out sleeper sofa for the den — it has a nice solid sliding door for privacy, so it should work pretty well as a flex space for when guests visit.

In an effort to figure this all out I put together this inspiration board for Logan’s room.  At the time we thought we might have the kids room share, but then they told us the little one is a girl so we decided to go for separate rooms.

Logan's New Room

Most of what is pictured here we already had on hand.  The rainbow rug is in our master, but I’d been contemplating something a bit more subtle in there for a while.  The craft table and bookshelves are already in Logan’s room, but could use a bit more organization.  The navy curtains were a necessity for winter and I blogged about them here.  They arrived and they are great — they’re blackout curtains which doesn’t really work for us since Logan has never slept in complete darkness but we crack them open a bit at night and they’ve worked out fine.  Most importantly, his room is noticeably warmer which was the whole intent.

So my mom and I hit up Ikea and, in addition to the new curtains, we got Logan a twin bed for his room, and a new mattress and linens to go with (he didn’t like the orange duvet I picked out so we settled on this blue sports theme print).  I’d love to add something of interest above his bed — something like this? — that would help the headboard stand out.


The artwork on this wall needs to be updated too — he’s outgrown the nursery look.   I really love the vinyl alphabet shown in the inspriation board above for this space.  You can find it here.


TANGENT: To replace the displaced rug from our room (if in fact it ever makes it to Logan’s room), I thought we’d pull in the white shag rug from the living room.  It’s just a hair too small for that space given the size of our sectional — I’d really prefer a rug that extended past the sides of the couch to really anchor it.  Maybe then we could add some side tables without having them look like they’re floating.  But yeah, a 10×14 rug is HUGE and pricey and totally not in the budget anytime soon.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

BUT how posh would this bedroom look?  I really wanted to try and incorporate our existing furniture (shown) which is a bit heavy for my recent tastes (although I picked this set out from Scan myself only 7 years ago), but it really nice quality stuff.  I thought that pairing it with the lighter rug and open shelving might help and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the idea.  I’ve even convinced my husband to let me paint a fuchsia accent wall (on the same side as the door so it’s not in your face every time you walk in.  Down the road I would love to start collecting some vintage MCM bedroom pieces and I think they would fold in nicely with this design. See?

Master Bedroom Midcentury

FYI — I totally need a board like this for me to put a room together.  It helps me to visualize the finished product so I know what to keep my eye out for in stores.  The pillows are on our bed now and inspired the color scheme but would be too much on the geometric duvet pictured.  I’d probably set the pillows on a bench or something if the duvet came to fruition because I love them and couldn’t part with them.

ANYWAY, as I mentioned, money for a new living room rug will be the catalyst for this master bedroom overhaul.  Until then, I’ve pacified myself with just a few small updates for the kiddo’s rooms.  We rearranged the furniture a bit in Logan’s room, but as you saw, we left the green rug in place for now.   We moved his crib next door for the little girl and rearranged the furniture in there to accommodate both it and a chair (for those fun midnight feedings!).



We still need to convert the crib back for an infant and ditch those maroon mini blinds (we’re planning on getting gray thermal curtains like the ones in Logan’s room), but we’re making strides.  The bed is in desperate need of a headboard, and maybe even maybe even another fun accent wall.  I’m in love with this bright and bold nursery with its black wall that was featured on Apartment Therapy.  This room gets tons of light so a black or charcoal wall could totally work.


Fun for a girl right?  A GIRL.  Eeek.  Can you believe it?  I can’t…



Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

2 thoughts on “Little Updates for Little Ones

  1. Hey Olivia! We also have a beer budget, so I feel ya! In fact, we spend most of ours on beer :) But I enjoy the fact we haven’t just thrown money at the house. I think we’d have made some bad decisions, had we done everything at once. It’s good to live with things, and work it out gradually –that’s how we justify it anyway ;) I think you’ve done an amazing job so far, and it’s fantastic that your little girl(!) will get to grow up in such a cool MCM home :)

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