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As Winter Draws Near … and The Oil Bills Loom

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It’s that time of year again.  You know, that time of year when people in glass houses start paying through the nose for heat.  We have oil-fueled radiant floor and ceiling heat, as well as oil-fueled hot water.  That’s some pricey stuff, yo.  We were forewarned about the energy costs of this particular home before we moved in (ouch), and were soooo disappointed to find we paid nearly twice that figure by the time spring rolled around after last winter (double ouch).  This could have been due in part to a particularly harsh winter — it was still snowing in April — but it was also likely compounded by the fact that we tore out all those heavy, filthy drapes the day we moved in and never replaced them.  I’d say that was a ‘whoops’ but have you ever priced up drapes for over 100 linear feet of windows?  Yeah, me neither (triple ouch).

Last fall I shared this post with you all about how we hung 14 panels from Ikea in the great room and last week we FINALLY hemmed them.  Yes, last week.  My aunt and my mom came over and we measured, cut, and sewed for TWO DAYS.  And we still didn’t even get them all lined!  I bought this awesome thermal lining (I think it’s this stuff by Roclon, but well it was a year ago so…), but it stretched when we fed it through the machine leaving nearly six inches of extra fabric across the top (but not the bottom so it wasn’t like we could just cut it off).  It was a mess.  But my aunt (aka super savvy, uber terrific, seamstress extraordinaire) came up with a solution — this double sided sticky tape she picked up at JoAnn’s.  We basically taped the liner to the panel and then sewed it so it wouldn’t get out of whack as we sewed.  I’m still sewing those damn liners on, but the hemmed curtains look fantastic!

Here’s a before photo to refresh your memory…


And here’s how they’re looking now.

IMG_6450 IMG_6449

The little white squares you see is our numbering system — 14 panels of 14 different lengths (love old houses!). You can tell which ones have been lined and which ones haven’t, no?  Three cheers for insulation!!  (don’t mind the wrinkles in the linen — I just pretend they aren’t there and you should too)

Obviously, it was a ton of work to modify these curtains with the intent of saving a buck, and we’ve pretty much determined that we won’t go that route again.  It was great to save some cash, but honestly, it will have taken me over a year by the time this little project is complete — we’ll easily spend more on oil fuel in the next year than we would store bought lined curtains if we don’t just bite the bullet.  And so, for the remaining bedrooms we’ll be purchasing one-and-done, lined thermal curtain panels!  And as a bonus, we won’t have to hem them because there aren’t clerestory windows in the bedrooms — we can just hang the curtain rod high so that the drapes juuuust skim the floor.  High and wide curtain panels are in right now so that’s good.

As you can imagine, I’ve spent a great deal of time comparison shopping and finally found what I hope is the best deal on Amazon.  I bought 4 navy thermal panels for our bedroom (we needed two 100″ panels and two 52″ panels to span the wall-o-windows).  If they work well and look decent we’ll go ahead and start ordering more for each of the other bedrooms and then den — one room at a time to spread out the cost.  I just keep telling myself that the $600 we’re going to spend on curtains will come right off the top of our fuel bill savings.  It’s one design purchase that’s actually a good investment!

Navy Thermals

These are the Best Home Fashion Navy Solid Grommet Top Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain that I found on Amazon (I also purchased two of their wide panels). They should come next week.  I’ll be sure to let you know how I like them and follow up with a photo or two of them hung!  And you can bet we’ll be using electrical conduit as curtain rods once more. :)


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