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How Do You Measure, Measure a Year?


Sorry, musical theatre kid in the house, here — I lived and breathed RENT for a time.  But this post isn’t about living the alternative lifestyle in NYC, it’s about celebrating a full revolution around the sun in our new abode!  Can you believe it’s been a year already?  I can’t.  So, to commemorate, I thought we might take a tour through the house — ‘then’ versus ‘now’, if you will.

Some of these spaces (like Logan’s room) have never even been featured on the blog before.  Other spaces (ok, most) are far from complete, but have still come so far!  We still have a lot to do around here — one of the biggest items being that we need new window treatments in essentially every room (the living room/dining room has new curtains up, but they still haven’t been lined or hemmed).  We are also planning on having the entire interior of the house painted in the spring (it will all go some shade of white) which is why you’ll see paint swatches either taped or painted directly onto just about every wall.  Also, just about every piece of art in our home was hung on an existing nail — all of which are about 12″ higher than I feel they ought to be.  This is another reason I am looking forward to painting in the spring — I’ll finally be forced to rehang everything at a more appropriate height!

So, without further ado, away we go!

This was how the entry way looked when we first saw the place:78

And today (read about our planter makeover here):IMG_6089

Needs a punch of color (maybe a teal or black painted door/wall?) but overall it’s so much lighter and brighter.
  I have plans to make over that $20 vintage console table I just picked up, too (high gloss yellow?) and hang some larger art.

The kitchen then:

And now (read about stripping wallpaper, the new floors, the navy wall, and the charcoal grill):IMG_6106IMG_6105IMG_6104

The great room from the entry way as the previous owners had it:9

And the way we have it:
My fiddle leaf fig tree is still alive!! Barely — it dropped most of its leaves the week I bought it home, but it seems happy enough now — I just try not to breathe too close to it. <–I’m dead serious.

The living room/dining room with the previous owner’s furniture. And cat:IMG_0059IMG_0061

And with ours (read about the hardwood floors, the curtains, the sectional and the coffee table):IMG_6124IMG_6121IMG_3903

Sorry, I forgot to take a current picture of the blue wall — hence the old ottoman and missing dresser above.

Note: I recently moved the credenza/dresser that was in here into the guest room to accommodate a second new (to me) console table — it needs a DIY makeover STAT!  Its lower stature also makes that bicycle art look like it’s taking flight (it needs to be rehung lower).

The laundry room right after we moved in:???????????????????????????????

And today:
See? I kinda painted.  Not really. You may also notice I settled my rug dilemma — thanks, Germaine!

The half bath then:

And today:
New floors, new toilet, new bath mat, and newly painted vanity — I never blogged about any of this. Sorry!  Still begging for a new towel bar and toilet paper holder.  And a new mirror.  And light fixture.  Sigh.

The hallway a year ago:

And today:

The den as it was:

And the den as it is today (see how I updated it without spending a dime!):

The guest room back then:IMG_0050

And how we have it furnished now:IMG_6086IMG_6087
Doesn’t the dresser look great in here?  You can read more about it here.  I think this is my favorite room of the house.  It has fabulous light, and it came together with little to no effort — somehow effectively balancing vintage pieces with some modern, colorful accents.  

Logan’s room before:

And now:
This room will be getting a revamp here shortly — he’s outgrown those nursery paintings!

The yellow bath before we moved in:

And here we are now, embracing the yellow:
Still need to do something about that ancient wall-to-wall carpet.

The master bedroom before:IMG_0054
Bye, bye red carpet!

Our master bedroom today:IMG_6096
One of my least favorite rooms in the house.  If I could put my finger on it, I would change it in a heartbeat, but whatever it is continues to evade me.  (I think it might be the dark furniture, but I’m trying hard to convince myself otherwise because it’s new, it was expensive, and it’s actually very, very good quality stuff!)

The blue (master) bath as it looked a year ago:

And with some new textiles today:
Yep, still pink.

The rear yard in 2013:

And in 2014:
Still can’t access the back yard from 2 of the 3 exterior doors, but at least we got rid of that tree outside of the master bedroom!

The front yard in 2013:

Aaaand the front yard this month:
Yeah, spoiler alert.  Post on replanting coming soon.  (so not as much fun as interiors!)

Finally, just for kicks, our little guy on Acclimation Day (the day we brought in all the wood flooring the week before we closed on the house) last summer:
2013-0620 (2)

And here is Logan this summer — expecting big things for the year ahead:
Yeeep.  Baby #2 due in March!  Anyone care to weigh in on where the new nursery should go? ;)

Wow.  Looking at these before pictures I cannot believe that I fell in love with this house from the MRIS photos.  I swear, I was ready to make an offer on it before we even stepped inside. That ought to show you just how crazy I can get.  Woo-ee!  Sure am glad we went with our guts though — we love this place so much!

I can’t wait to see where another year will take us!


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

5 thoughts on “How Do You Measure, Measure a Year?

  1. It’s been so fun following all your changes with house. You’ve done a lot in a year and should be so proud!!

    Also major congrats on baby dos!!! How exciting!!!

  2. Thanks Linzi! And congrats to you on the half-marathon commitment. I need to get back on that bandwagon myself (but maybe not for another 9 months or so)!

  3. So much accomplished in a year –seriously impressive Olivia! Great to recap and celebrate how far you’ve come. Buying this home was a good decision.

    A pop of color would be great in the entryway. The high gloss yellow console + larger artwork might be enough though, so I’d do that first.

    I feel your pain on the yard work. So much graft, for little reward, when compared with the inside. Look forward to seeing your progress out there.

    You’ve reminded me, I need to write a year anniversary post too. We moved in 8/31/13, so not far behind you guys.

    Oh, and HUGE congrats, yay! If you see anything at Olli+Lime you’d like for the new nursery (wherever that is?!) let me know –I can do you a BIG F&F discount :)

  4. Thanks, Andy! I loved your shop–I’ll have to take another tour! And congrats on a year in your new home too!

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