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We Got an Arc Lamp!


Remember when I posted that I wanted to find an arc lamp that didn’t cost an arm and a leg for the den?  Well, wouldn’t you know the same afternoon that post published I found the perfect lamp for $120!   Please note that I still had $128 left after selling off the old den furniture so, really, it was free.  At least that’s what I told my husband when I showed up with it in the truck of my SUV one night. ;)

Either way, it retails for $420 (currently on sale!) so I feel like I got a great deal — Craigslist of course.

You’ll remember that I wanted a standing lamp in this corner so that it might better anchor the chair and incorporate it more fully into the room.   That teeny tiny light wasn’t cutting it.


It took us a while to get it assembled and it’s still not perfect, but at least it’s up.


At full extension the arc gets long and low.  The globe will reach all the way to the couch and all but touch that pillow there on the end like this one (source).


That wasn’t really the look we were going for.  This room is just not big enough for that  and we’d like to sit on our couch without getting physically attacked by the lighting source.  After futzing with it for a while we finagled it into this most upright position.  Better.   Ish.

For a few anxious minutes we thought that full extension was the only setting it had and, if so, we figured it might be better suited for the living room.  So we hauled it in there and set it up behind the couch.  It’s heavy!  It looked pretty awesome in there, but an electrical source would have been an issue.  We would have had to run a cord somewhere and neither of us were on board with that.  So I guess it was lucky that we figured out that it could telescope in.  I wish I’d remembered to take a photo of it in the living room, but as you can imagine, tensions were … high.

I was holding off on posting this on the blog just yet because in my opinion the lamp is now too upright and has lost some of it’s arc-ness, if you will.  I wanted to play with the telescoping some more before debuting it, but well, you know how that goes.  We’ll get to it when we get to it.


We may have to play around with the furniture placement or something.  Sigh.  At least we’ve got a cool lamp!


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

3 thoughts on “We Got an Arc Lamp!

  1. Congrats on another great score! Hope you figure out a halfway measure, because that would be perfect –if not, maybe the living room is the best place…though I hear you on the cord issue. Either way, this is a real statement piece that needs to be shown off!

  2. Hi Olivia, I discovered your blog via fogmodern and I’ve had great fun reading through it. Do you take requests? ;-) I’m fascinated by the storage wall between your living room and den… have you thought of dedicating a post to it? I would love to recreate something like that in our funky (not in a good way) mid-century modest. It was built with a kinda-sorta pass-through– back-to-back cabinets between the living room and kitchen. Here are my burning questions about your storage wall: Am I right in thinking the panel wall in the living room backs up to the built-ins in your den? Does the entire living room wall have storage space behind the panels? That is, do *all* of the living room-side panels slide aside (or up and down?), with storage behind them? How does that look up close, are the panels on a track at the floor and ceiling? If so, is the middle row of panels also on a track? The panels look flush to me (or maybe I mean all at the same depth), but I saw a track in one of your pictures. The cabinet in the picture showed a lazy Susan, which is just about the best thing ever. Do all of the cabinets have built-in accessories, like the lazy Susan, the glass holder and the LP slats? (Utterly cool!) Or are those things just at the base, on the den side? Are the cabinets accessible from both sides? (Are you able to select an album and nab a drink from the living room side?) Could you post some pictures showing the panels open? Close up pictures would be wonderful! I’m sorry to be such a pest, but I love this concept and I’m excited to learn more! I tried Googling, but after an hour or two I gave up in frustration- there are lots of sites with storage-in-walls ideas, but nothing quite so fab as your wall.

  3. Hi Jean! WOW! I had know idea there would be so much interested around that wall. I mean, I love it, but I’m a little biased. ;) I certainly didn’t intend to shroud it in such a mysterious fashion. lol. I’d be happy to write a post dedicated to it — stay tuned!

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