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My post about the rehabilitation of our indoor planter yesterday really spurred some questions from you folks so I thought I’d pop in a write a post that would answer them publicly for all.

1. Why did you decide to use boxes to fill the empty space in the planter? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable building a platform out of something more substantial?


In short, yes! I would feel better with a more permanent solution there. And eventually we’ll upgrade the boxes, I’m sure. I wrote in my original post that I chose to use cardboard for this project because it was free, which is true, but what I neglected to mention was why it was so important to me that I not drop a lot of cash on this little rehab. The thing is, I wasn’t certain I would really like having real plants in there. We had a lot of options for redoing this space. We could have retro-fitted it into a bench or a fish pond (or as some of you more ballsy readers suggested, a ball pit or a sand box!). My gut wanted to keep its original  purpose — although none of the options I considered couldn’t be undone. BUT because I wasn’t sure I was going to love it or hate it (I’ve never been resposible for so many plants before!) I didn’t want to drop $$ on the wood framing to do it right. Long story short, when the boxes fail (which they will) and if we’re still on board with the live plants when that happens, we will likely replace them with a simple wood framed thingamajig. Feel better? ;)

2) What is that incredible/amazing/fantastic geometric creation hanging on the wall?!


Would you believe that I made this out of coffee stirrer? It IS incredible and amazing and fantastic and I thank you for noticing! I, however, cannot take credit for this work of art. If you would like to make one of your very own please click over the Vintage Revivals where Mandi shares a great tutorial that is super easy to follow. Here’s a better picture taken right after it was completed. Took a couple hours.


It was centered on the blank wall space before we removed the fake ficus, but now it’s decidedly off to one side.  I kind of like it that way — I’m a little kooky myself, you know.


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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