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In My Frigidaire


It’s here!!!


Sully’s face in the cup by the sink is pretty much a reflection of my own.   Not only is it shiny, and white, and really surprisingly large, but it doesn’t create mysterious puddles in the middle of the kitchen floor that I accidently step in with my bare feet.  Win, win!

On Memorial Day I went out and bought a fridge to try and take advantage of the holiday sales.  And boy, did I!  The discounts were so great that I actually ended up buying two refrigerators (don’t worry, I returned one).   Read on for the whole story …



You see, I did a bunch of comparison shopping in the week or so leading up to Memorial Day.  I was originally looking at counter depth refrigerators because our countertops are so shallow (only 24″ deep).  But counter depth refrigerators are expensive and would already extend past our super shallow counters anyway (most are 28″ deep).  Since we were looking at roughly an extra $1k for just a couple inches I decided that counter depth wasn’t really necessary.  Besides, our previous fridge was 30″ and it never bothered us so I figured anything that size or smaller would be fine.  I also spent some time looking at French door fridges and stainless steel because they’re so pretty — but in the end we decided that we liked the convenience of a single door and that the white would really brighten up our space nicely.  So that’s how we ended up with this guy — A Maytag bottom freezer.


Ohhh, ahhhhh….

The best price I found was at a neighborhood appliance shop.  It was about $200 cheaper than the big box stores and they were super helpful.  I made my first purchase there, pleased that I was doing my part to keep small businesses like theirs up and running.  But then I got a call from Home Depot — the fridge I had been interested in (the same one I just bought two hours earlier down the street) was one sale.  And for $175 less than the one I’d just charged on my credit card.  Shit.


So I called up the neighborhood appliance store and asked if they could price match.  Unfortunately, the best he could offer me was $45 credit (basically waiving the fees to switch the door swing and delivery) so I decided to return the fridge and buy it from Home Depot.  I was bummed that I couldn’t help out that lovely little shop, but thrilled that I saved over $500 on the appliance (including a $150 rebate for purchasing an energy efficient appliance).  Squee!



And yes, I am thoroughly aware that our refrigerator is looking more than a little bare.  Don’t judge.  At least not unless you come baring groceries.

Logan is currently really into Shel Silverstein and I loved Where the Sidewalk Ends when I was a kid.   Thus, I’ve had this poem stuck in my head all week.  I will leave you with this little ditty so that you may recite it in your head as you make breakfast, too.


Bear in There — Shel Silverstein

There’s a polar bear
In our Frigidaire—
He likes it ’cause it’s cold in there.
With his seat in the meat
And his face in the fish
And his big hairy paws
In the buttery dish,
He’s nibbling the noodles,
He’s munching the rice,
He’s slurping the soda,
He’s licking the ice.
And he lets out a roar
If you open the door.
And it gives me a scare
To know he’s in there—
 That polary bear
 In our Fridgitydaire.


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

6 thoughts on “In My Frigidaire

  1. Great score on the fridge! And white really works in your space.

    You know, most fridges are counter-depth as standard in the UK…but then everything is smaller there, I guess :) I always find it crazy that smaller costs more. We still have trouble filling ours, grocery shop or not.

    That’s the kind of thing that happens to us –the post-pay-better-discount scenario. Good job sticking with it.

    Incidentally, you’re making me feel guilty with all your regular posting –I need to get my act together! :)

  2. I know I have commented before, but I am seriously so jealous of your kitchen. I love it!!

  3. Thank you Tonya! You are so sweet. I get a lot of furrowed brows when I talk about wanting to keep the vintage cabinets (which I LOVE!) so it’s nice to hear that someone else appreciates they’re charm. I know they’re not for everyone. :)

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