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When spring finally sprung here in Baltimore it sprung with vengeance.   It was as though the rubber band that had been holding the greenery silent and dormant all winter had snapped.  And it looked like shit.

We don’t have a tremendous amount of landscaping at our house which we love (our last home had a professionally landscaped yard that was nearly impossible for us to maintain).  It’s just the stretch of planting beds along the front of the house, another along the back of the house, and this weird courtyard area off the dining room.  It seemed manageable, but let me tell you… it took hours, and hours, and HOURS to get it looking presentable.



As you can see above, Kirk did a little tree trimming.  That tree may have to come down as it’s awfully wrapped up around that beam, but for now Kirk has managed to get it looking pretty nice.  I think he gave it at least one more year of life.


He also found this impressive root.  It was maybe 40 feet long and nearly the size of my wrist.  We’re still not sure where it sourced from — maybe one those maple trees?


Speaking of the maple trees my mom came over and debrided them.  Did you know that every year you have to pluck off all the dead branches?  As the tree grows the branches fork — one lives and one dies.  If you don’t snap off the dead branch it will look like hell.  I don’t think anyone had cared for these trees in a decade or more, so poor mom had her work cut out for her.

Also, note above how high the mulch is in these beds.  In some places it was cresting over the foundations and pressing up against the windows.  I spent a couple hours with a shovel and a wheelbarrow trucking all the excess mulch to the back of the yard and depositing it against the property line.  Yup, I moved all that dirt!


Much better.  Nice and level.



Throughout all this, Kirk was busy on the other side of the yard trying to rid us of this nasty, rotted wood pile.  He managed to get all the wood to his truck and to the dump without getting bitten by snakes.  My hero.  And look at the patio space we regained!


He also uncovered this little slate walkway leading around to the front of the house — it was also buried under 786 feet of mulch.  Cute!


A little power washing, a little leaf blowing…



And a little fresh mulch and we called it a day.


(Note, the maple tree on the right my mom had already worked her magic on while the one on the left was still in it’s neglected state — quite the difference, right??)

Fast forward a few weeks and its all filling in nicely, though I don’t understand why the holly tree is dropping its leaves on my pretty, fresh mulch…




Eventually we’d like to change things up out here.  Neither of us are fans of the maple trees planted up against the windows and I’d love to see some pre-poured pavers set in pebbles there instead.  But for now, it’s looking pretty decent.

Time to focus on the front yard!


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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