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The Quarter Round Saga


Well, we gave it a couple weeks and we still hate the new quarter round in our kitchen.  Ok, I still hate it — I’m married to the most kick back person alive when it comes to home décor and he could really care less!  So last week I called The Home Depot to discuss my concerns.  I quite literally told them, “I hate my quarter round!!!” with my eyes bugging out like a crazy person.  Note: this is why I called instead of going in.  You get no where with customer service reps when you’re acting like crazy person — I should know, I used to be one.


If you remember, Home Depot removed 1/2″ quarter round and ordered 3/4″ quarter round to replace it.  Prior to our install date I reviewed our order a thousand times, but didn’t catch this because I erroneously thought all quarter round was the same size.  I was lucky though: despite the fact that I signed off on the thicker QR, there was a footnote on the quote saying that the store was to discuss my material options with me, which they failed to do.  This oversight not only left me to believe we were replacing the existing with like-materials (we previously had dark brown 3″ rubber base molding in the kitchen area which while, not great, at least blended in nicely — you can see it here), but it also left me with a leg to stand on when I went back to ever-so-sweetly ask that they cover the cost to fix it.


We’re basically using HD’s oversight as an opportunity to upgrade from white painted molding to hardwood molding (in maple to match the cabinetry) at the base of the cabinets.  How awful does the white molding look against the darker wood?  In a word: terrible.  While we eventually learned they were installing white quarter round there (you know, when our materials were dropped off and there was no maple to be seen) we had been assured by several sources that it was commonplace to match the molding to the floors and not the cabinets.  Well, that may be so, but it looks bad — really, really bad — in our case.  It has to go.


Despite these hiccups, I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with Home Depot’s customer service on the back end of our installation.  While our measure and ordering processes were an absolute bear with more holes than swiss cheese (I had to helicopter the entire process, and it still didn’t turn out well) they’ve been incredibly helpful in trying to right the wrongs.  I was immediately put in touch with the store manager who worked in tandem with the department manager to set things straight.  When I showed them these pictures, they immediately understood.  I think their exactly words were, “Ooooh, honey! Essh…yeah…that looks baaaad!” while making a face as if they’d just swallowed a bug.  You know, pretty much the same reaction that I had.


Sigh.  The beige fridge is baaa-ack.  We’re in the market for a new one.  By the way, why are counter-depth refrigerators more expensive than full size ones?  They’re smaller for crying out loud!

So, long story short, we can’t remove the QR entirely or even have it replaced with a smaller profile throughout — although that would have been ideal — because we can’t be certain that the gap the installers left between the tile and the wall is small enough to be completely covered by a narrower base molding, let alone caulk.  However, we are able to replace the white QR around the base of the cabinets with 3/4″ coordinating wood trim so that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb anymore.  Score!


This nook will get interesting.  The molding to the right will be maple, the molding on the back wall will stay white (along with the wall once it finally gets painted!), and I’ll probably paint the molding at the bottom of the navy wall to match the paneling as I’d done previously.  Hopefully, that will help the moldings “disappear” instead of looking busy and mis-matchy — we’ll see.

We already had the installer come back once to remedy a few issues — namely they forgot to install a threshold at the door to the garage and they accidentally encased the door jamb to the laundry room in quarter round so that we couldn’t shut the door.  Whoops!  But now they will be coming out for a third time to pull up the white QR from the cabinets in the kitchen and at the base of the cabinets in the hall and replace them with a lovely, matching maple hardwood.  We’re going to be besties by the end of this!


Let’s get to the best part.  The total cost to tear out the ugly molding and replace it with maple?  $103.  What? I told you I asked nicely. :)

Basically, The Home Depot is eating the cost of the reinstall and the 39 linear feet of white base molding that we’re tearing out.  All we have to pay is the difference in cost between the white molding and the hardwood.  Essentially, we’re paying no more than we would have if we’d installed the hardwood from the get go.  I was expecting to split the cost with them since I’d signed off on the initial order, so not having to pay anything extra is really nice.

The maple is a special order which will take about three weeks to come in, but I’ll be sure to update with photos when it’s installed!

We got the white quarter round replaced with matching maple hardwood and it looks amazing.  Check it out here!


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

7 thoughts on “The Quarter Round Saga

  1. So pleased you are getting this resolved, Olivia. It would have been tough (and probably has been the last two weeks) staring at a detail you just weren’t happy with in the long term. And great that they saw your side, and didn’t dig their heels in.

    I’ve puzzled over the counter-depth fridge cost before. Yes, they are more expensive. Guess they have to engineer everything into a smaller space, and perhaps use non-standard parts. Whatever the reason, less is more…in a bad way.

    This is also the case with washing machines, as we found out when we purchased these two essential items, after just moving in. Here’s the link back to my post, though please remove if you don’t allow links: http://fogmodern.com/essentials/

    Oh, I agree with painting the moldings to match the wall. This is the accepted standard in Eichlers, with bare wood for paneling walls, matched paint colors etc. Soon everything should just blend in nicely, and you’ll forget all about this saga :)

    • Great! I’m glad to hear my painting plan is Eichler-approved! I’m a little worried it will look odd, so that is comforting! :) How do you like your fridge? We’re looking at French doors (double doors on top and the freezer on the bottom).

      • Haha! Yes, “Eichler-approved” –I like that. We LOVE our fridge, but it may be a little small for some. That said, it fits our galley-style kitchen perfectly, slotting into the only space available. To us (coming from England) it’s pretty big, and all the space we’ll ever need. By American standards, it’s ‘compact’ :)

      • Ours just needs to be large enough to fit a frozen pizza (or two) — hence why the bottom drawer is so appealing!

      • Ours has a bottom drawer too. And (I’ll admit) there are two frozen pizzas in there right now :)

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