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All For Naught


So… remember when I spent hours, nay, days painting our refrigerator white along with the rest of the kitchen? Click here to refresh your memory.  It couldn’t have been more than two months ago, but that all means nothing now, because the fates are just laughing at us now.


You see, last week when we had clear all the appliances out of the kitchen (read about that here) for our new flooring to be installed  (photos here), we had to take the doors off our shiny white fridge to get it through the door.  The process seemed simple enough, and it was — that is until we went to put the doors back on.  I won’t get into the frustrating details, so I’ll just tell you this: no matter how hard we tried, those doors weren’t going back on.  Our only guess is that we mistakenly unscrewed some intentionally permanent screws (but how were we supposed to know that on a 3o+ year old fridge with no manual?).


So, yeah.  Now we’re stuck with yet another beige beauty.  Our one saving grace is that our pervious owners kept a kosher kitchen and, as such, we inherited two refrigerators with our home purchase.  This dirty, moldy, ugly step-sister of our previous fridge (which was only slightly less dirty and ugly and moldy) has been sitting shunned in the garage since we moved in, but at least she came through for us when we needed her.

Hopefully, though, we won’t need her for long.  We’re crossing our fingers she makes it long enough for us to take advantage of Memorial Day appliance sales.

One day we’ll laugh about this.  Today is not that day.


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

2 thoughts on “All For Naught

  1. Heartbreaking! I’m glad you have a backup, but heartbreaking all the same!

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