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A Room With a View


You may remember that when we moved into our home in August of last year we had a bit of a problem — the shrubbery had become so overgrown that we couldn’t see out any of the windows in the front of the house.


You may also remember that Kirk tried to tackle this problem back in December, but then life and a whole lot of snow got in the way.  Below is how it’s remained for the last three months (well, minus the hedge trimmer laying in the mulch).  Yeah, it looked pretty dorky.  We were those neighbors.

2013-1222 (5)

This weekend the temperatures peaked at nearly 70° (but don’t worry — we got more snow yesterday as you’ll soon see) so Kirk thought he’d give these shrubs another go.  We decided that the first hedge trimmed back in December was a touch too high still (if left as is, when the new leaves grow in they will be above the window sill) so he opted to cut the remaining hedges a bit shorter.  Then he went back and took another inch or two of the first one so they’re all the same height.

2014-0322 (6)

Sometime amid all that snow we noticed that this guy (tree? bush? It’s the tall shrub seen in the first photo in this post) in front of the kitchen wasn’t doing so hot.  The entire bottom of the plant had withered away to nothing.


When Kirk went to put it out of its misery, the poor thing split down the middle with barely a touch.  Kirk still needs to dig the stump out, but the front of the house is looking much better sans half-dead tree.

2014-0323 (3)

Kirk’s pretty proud of his accomplishments.  I’m proud of him, too — he worked hard.   He also took a hedge trimmer to the holly bush.   And a rake apparently.

2014-0323 (8)

How’s this for a before and after?  Before…


(the chair is there because I took this photo a few months ago when I took down the rusted mini blinds)

And after!  Let there be light!!   Actually, this is more of a “during” shot.  He got those straggly branches a bit later.  I think they were clipped branches that didn’t quite fall to the ground — I’m pretty sure that’s what the rake was for.  Anyway, it’s all nice and even now.

2014-0323 (5)

Other than digging out the stump, the only other thing to do out there (we hope) is spray some preemptive weed killer, mulch, and lightly trim the orb-like shrub that you can seen to the right of the photo above and dead center in the photo below.  It’s getting a bit … furry… and is encroaching on the walkway to the front door.  Time to get all Edward Scissorhands on that fella!

And, yes, we recognize that it’s REALLY late in the season to be hedge trimming, but it is what it is.  Hopefully, the fact that we’re having such a long, cold winter will make pruning in late March a-okay this year — and we’ll try and be more on top of it next year. We didn’t cut off much new growth at all, so … fingers crossed!

As for how it looks from the street — this is how those shrubs were looking in July of last year.  Lush and green, but crazy tall.


And here we are today.  We’ve had far too many months off single-digit temperatures for us to show of any new pretty green growth yet, but at least these plants are better scaled — if you can find them under all the snow!


I wonder if we’ll get around to painting the exterior this summer?  That buttercup yellow is really not my favorite.  Ohhh… I should do a post on MCM exterior color palettes!  I already have so many ideas…



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2 thoughts on “A Room With a View

  1. I love how many beautiful windows you have! Kirk should be proud–that is hard work. And, I’m totally one of “those” neighbors, too. ;)

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