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Rigging a Flat Screen TV Mount

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When we first moved in we weren’t quite sure where we were going to put the TV in the great room.

Our neighbors across the street have theirs hardwired and mounted right into their brick wall between the fireplace and the doorway to the hall, but (lucky ducks that they are) this was all done by their previous owners before they moved in.  We were not so fortunate.  All our sellers left us was a bunch of defunct stereo wires creeping out from beneath some dirty carpet.



Since word has it that our neighbors’ mounting job cost about $1k, we knew that option was off the table for us.  At least for now.  We did have a standard TV stand like this that I purchased back in 2002, but the size was all wrong — it was too deep and too narrow to fill the space.  Besides,  it wasn’t intended to secure a flat screen TV and flat screen perched on a low table with a rambunctious toddler running around?  I don’t think so.

I was actually visiting my mom when we saw this free-standing flat screen mount at a consignment shop.  It was in great shape — no scratches to the glass and the wood was a nice compliment to our paneled wall.  The $100 price wasn’t outstanding (that included the 15% off you see on the tag), but it was certainly cheaper than a new one. Side note: I should have snagged a couple of those vases too — they are too fun!


I took this photo and texted it to Kirk.  He said go for it, so we did.  It wasn’t until I got it home that I realized it was missing some key pieces.  Like …the hardware that holds the TV.


After a little Googling, I was able to identify the manufacturer.  This is the AvistaUSA Innovate by Milano which retails for $250 (marked down from $470!).  And do you see those two vertical supports?  Those are what we were missing.


Our best guess is that the previous owners of the stand decided to mount their TV directly to the wall and used the mounting hardware from the stand rather than buy a new kit.  I had noticed a sign near the register at the consignment shop stating their policy against accepting anything missing pieces, so I’m sure if I pressed it, they probably would have refunded me my money…but I hate to be an ass since it really wasn’t their fault, and really…where’s the fun in that?

Truth:  I was too lazy to disassemble it, squeeze it into my car, and haul it back an hour north.

Since I knew I didn’t want to scrap the whole thing and be out $100, I was determined to find a way to make it work using what we had.  I’m sure you can guess where this is going.  Resolute, I sent an email to the manufacturer to see if we could buy (or they might send for free?!) the missing pieces, but they never wrote me back. Lame.

Next I went to HH Gregg to look at their wall mount kits.  I was sure that if we drilled a couple of holes through the existing frame we could screw the mounting kit right onto it and be done with it.  Easy right? Not quite.

The first guy I talked to said it couldn’t be done. He insisted that the added weight would tip the whole thing over.  Try as I might, I couldn’t convince him that there was no added weight — I was simply replacing missing pieces!  Arg.


A store manager witnessed my struggle and interjected himself into our conversation.  He thought the plan would work fine and even sold me the $80 (!!) kit for $43.  Why?  I didn’t question the man,  he offered me a discount and I took it!

That weekend, Kirk took a half hour and affixed the mount to the stand with the help of a power drill and a few sturdy screws.  Sure, we probably could have purchased a brand new TV stand for near what this ended up costing us, but like I said… where’s the fun in that?


It became immediately apparent that we now need a larger TV, but that’s a post for anther day.  I’ll tell you what though… When the time comes for a new TV you can bet you’ll find me at HH Gregg batting my eyelashes at that store manager!

(Writing this post reminded me that it’s been a long while since I updated the status of living room on the blog.  Wide angle shots coming soon!)


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