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It’s been a pretty eventful winter around here — but then, I’m from California, so do with that proclamation as you will.  However, an ice storm, a polar vortex or two, and an epic number of snow falls have made for a white wonderland that’s lasted for far longer than I’ve ever know it to.  Like paper shreddings as far as the eye could see.

2013-1208 (20)

2013-1208 (26)

Like my little guy, I started off a bit unsure of all this white stuff, but for the most part, I think this Cali girl has adapted pretty well.  I drive just fine in the snow, I go out without a coat when it’s over 50° just like the locals, and I even made my first snowman (with help from g’ma).

2013-1214 (6)

2013-1208 (49)

2014-0105 (17)

At some point, I even learned that snow wasn’t just for playing in.  It stuck around so long we had to live our lives in it — to run and exercise in it even.


I finally realized that waiting for the snow to clear and the temperature to rise was like waiting for The Walking Dead to come back from hiatus, so on this beautiful, sunny day I ran 6 miles in 12° weather — shredding that winter weight and feeling more like an East Coaster than ever.

But I digress.

Whatever vindictive bastard’s been doing the snow dance must have slipped on some ice or something because last week the temps reached a balmy 47° and the snow melted.

And we were met with this.


At some point over the last couple months a trash bag full of shredded receipts exploded all over our yard.  And then it snowed over all of it so we had no idea.


And, no.  We don’t own a shredder.

So there I was, spending my cherished Saturday Morning Nap bitterly raking wet and frozen paper shreds into neat little piles.  I even did most of my neighbors yard — partly because I try to be a good neighbor, but mostly because I care way too much about what other people think of me.  <– must work on that.


Much of the paper had blown so thinly across the grass that it was easier to ditch the rake and pick it up piece by piece with my hands.  That’s a lot of squats my friends — which I why I spent Logan’s Sunday Morning Nap with my quads on fire, my muscles positively …shredded.

Luckily, it dumped another 22″ on us yesterday so I guess I now have an excuse to rest up with some hot cocoa.


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