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When the Bough Breaks

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If a tree falls on the roof above your head while you sleep, will you:  A) scream like a little girl; B) jump up and brace for impact; or C) die from fright?  If you’re me, you’ll come terrifyingly close to all three. And maybe you’ll also pee your pants a little for good measure.  Maybe.

The funny thing is, the branch that landed on the roof was one of the smallest branches we lost that night (though it certainly didn’t sound like it!).  But we did loose quite a few large branches from the pines around our house as the storm bore down, and in fact, throughout the next day we lost a lot more.

Looking out our bedroom window that morning it was pretty surprising to see all the tree branches weighted down by ice.  They were heavy to the point that they were touching the ground.  Two days later the tips of the branches have frozen to the Earth even though even ice has melted enough from their needles that they should have sprung back up by now.



The ice shards falling from the trees looked like beds of diamonds.


This is our neighbor to the right.  A few large limbs fell down that slope — one appears to have hit their house (it was touching their siding when Kirk dragged it away), but didn’t look to have caused any damage.


Kirk hauled all the branches back into our property.  We’re going to try and get some family/friends to come help saw them up and haul them to the dump this weekend.  Any takers?



This is our neighbor to the other side.  This large branch fell just 4 feet from her garage and living room.  It’s actually her tree which fell on her property, but we figure it would be nice and neighborly of us to take care of it for her while we tackle our own.


Back on our property, a large number of branches fell on our (rotting, snake infested) wood pile.   We’ve been meaning to haul all of that to the dump, too.  Maybe we’ll get to that this weekend — we’ll see.   Note the giant limb tangled in the power lines.


The first thing we did was get up on a ladder, lift it up and toss it forward into the yard.  It looked pretty easy from my vantage point, but Kirk was the one on the ladder and may have a different story to tell.

I know that in these photos below it looks like that heavy branch is still leaning on the power line — it’s not.  I just ran out and double checked because it really looks like  it, right?  Photos are strange.






It’s a mess, but luckily no real damage was caused and no one was hurt.  At least not yet … the power tools won’t come out until next weekend.


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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