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Fire and Ice

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Last week we noticed a little leak coming from our boiler room in the garage.  It started as a small pool of water halfway evaporated, but it turns out we probably should have thought more of it.  A lot more.


But our minds were on other things.



A gorgeous/gnarly ice storm hit the east coast last week and our little neighborhood was not overlooked.  Ice hung from every surface, knocked down a lot of trees, and disrupted power to quite a few homes in the area.


Kirk braved the storm to tackle branches falling in the backyard.  They toppled mere feet away from our home and both of our next door neighbors.

Our neighbors across the street were one of the thousands that found themselves in cold darkness that first night, and we immediately invited them over to warm up and chow down.


What’s ironic is that, little did we know, our heat wasn’t working either.  By bedtime it was undeniably chilly and by morning it was downright frigid.


Our lack of heat had nothing to do with the storm though.  Instead, it was that pesky leak which had since sprung into a flowing river of, well, money down the drain.  At least that’s how I felt driving back to work after meeting with the service tech — roughly $9k poorer than when I had left the office that morning.


The culprit.  Ugh.

The boiler wasn’t that old (only going back to 2000 and they say it has a 20-30 year expected life span) so it had a little bit of prorated warranty left in it.  Not much, but every little bit helps. To add insult to injury though, our integrated water heater (in the shadows back there) was on its last legs, too.  It was working, but at over 10 years old, it didn’t have a lot of life left.


Since we would have to completely remove the new boiler to get to the water heater when it did inevitably fail — thereby costing us more money than if we did it now — and since we’ve already been through a disastrous water tank break in our last home, we just decided to bite the bullet and get both units replaced.


We got a better look at it once it was hauled out to the curb and were glad we decided to replace it when we did.  Yikes!

We have a service plan with Carroll Home Services — we get our oil from them too.  They’re a family run company that has always been fantastic.  I called them at 6am to request a tech come out and identify the problem.  By 9 am they were at our door, by 9:08 they had delivered the good and the bad news (good news = a prorated warranty!), and by 11 they’d completed the sale, finalized the credit check, and scheduled a team to come out and install the new systems first thing the next morning.



They immediately bumped us up to emergency status and it showed.  Carroll must have called me 10 times over those two days to keep me abreast of everything and make sure my family and I were comfortable.  Their Comfort Specialist, who followed on the heels of the service crew, even pulled towels out of his trunk and mopped up the inch of water in our utility closet.  Not our service technician, our Comfort Specialist.

So, obviously, I wholeheartedly recommend them if they service your area.  Their superb service really took some of the sting out of that $9k.  Really.


And when they send out this many crews, well, you know you’re getting your money’s worth (I did some research before we gave Carroll the go-ahead and found their prices to be pretty competitive). Still though, ouch.

But at least we have a fancy new boiler and our toes are warm again.


Sorry, but yes, those are my feet.  Two of my toes went completely white/numb they were so cold.

Ahh, homeownership… what a love/hate relationship I have with you!  But as I told our neighbor via text as this was all going down, “Worth the headache, I say.  I love these homes!”


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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