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A Taste of Vintage

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Last week I posted that I was looking to Craigslist some accent chairs for the living room.  I was hoping to score some awesome chairs for an even more awesome price, but sadly, I didn’t have much luck.  I did, however, see this sweet table for a bargain:


It made my heart pitter patter.  I jumped all over it and frantically emailed the seller and made an appointment to pick it up at first light.  I did all this without even measuring my dining space or running it by the husband — that’s how much I loved it.

The new table turned out to be an inch shorter than our rectangular table was length-wise so I just spun the table around to see how it would look.  It would fit!  Here’s the old table turned around just so I could get an idea of the size — we usually have it running the other way.


Pay no mind to our poor walls, they are in varying states of prep, paint, and primer.

Our existing kitchen table was also a Craigslist find.  It was the most streamlined table and chairs I could find the morning after we moved in and realized we needed a kitchen table.  For $75 it has served us well enough for the past 6 months (have we really lived here that long already?!) but it’s really beat up, a poor size for the space, not suited to the style of the home, and stained too dark to work well with all the natural cabinetry we have in the kitchen.  The long and short of it:  the table had to go.  Hopefully, I can sell it for about what we bought it for — maybe more if I put a little time into it and clean it up a bit.

The funny thing with Craigslist is that, no, if you show up and you hate something or it’s not as described by the seller you don’t have to buy it.  But 9 times out of 10 you will because coordinating a fly by night trade with a stranger takes a lot of planning and running around and you kind of just want to leave with something to show for your efforts.  Or at least I do.


Oh, how I want to get rid of those floors!

Luckily, this vintage maple table was just as fabulous in person.   You can’t tell in this photo but it expands to fit two 10.5″ leaves.  Going off the markings on the expansion mechanism on its underside, this is a Watertown Slide Table  and was manufactured in Wisconsin.  Probably in the late 60s.  Here’s a shot of the same style table with the leaves inserted.


The white laminate top was just what I was looking for.  I knew it would brighten up the space while still providing some much needed toddler protection (some of us still haven’t outgrown the fork-banging stage).  The round shape opens up the dining space, too — it’s a lot easier to get in and out of the chairs.


But what really sold me were these Danish style tapered legs.  Especially this little curved detail!  Most vintage laminate tables out there have metal bases or tulip bases and I’m just not a big fan of either of those styles.

We’re still using our old chairs for the time being (they’re oversized but not downright horrible so I’m dealing), but I do have my eye on these little modern chairs from Target of all places.  I’m just not sure of the color …. the table top is sort of an off white and I’m afraid the white chairs will be a clashing brilliant white.  Of course they’re only available for online purchase so I can’t go check them out in person.

No rush though, baby steps.


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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