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This Chair Is Juuuust Right

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Said no one ever.  Sorry Goldilocks, you must have been mistaken.

No matter how hard I look, I can’t seem to find two reasonably priced side chairs to place in front of the living room feature wall.  I think if we had a couple chairs surrounding a small occasional table in front of that wall it would help to balance the room and seem much more inviting.  Something like this.


Although those chairs are a little big.  These Barcelona chairs are a better scale.


As much as I love these though, they won’t work because Barcelona chairs — even the reproductions! — cost an arm and a leg.  Each.  And I need two.  Which is pretty much the story with any new chair.

So, with a budget of, oh say $100 or less, I’m perusing good ol’ Craigslist (as I write this).  You’ll come virtual thrifting with me, won’t you?!  Click the photo to view the listing!

These are cantilevers are pretty neat, but at $200 plus reupholstering costs, they’re over budget.  I don’t think I could handle reupholstering that sweeping back on my own…

These also have huge potential.  I could probably even reupholster them myself, but I think I can find some ugly chairs for less than $150, don’t you?

These are wicked awesome.  I love them.  They are $350 (each??  The ad isn’t very clear).  Whomp whomp.

The $80 price tag on these slipper chairs is nice and the scale is right, but … they’re boring.  I want something with personality!

$30 would get me a set of these, which are really cool.  But I think the cane makes them more of a kitchen chair??


These lovelies had me at hello.  And so did the price tag: $5!!! They match our color scheme and everything!  I emailed the seller and unfortunately they have been sold.  Sad face.

These Knoll side chairs are a steal for $85 — even with the damage.



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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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