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Things I’m Loving: The Royal Blues

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I recently posted this photo of a can of royal blue oops paint I picked up on Facebook and I think it freaked out more that a few folks.


Maybe they thought I would paint my whole house like an underwater adventure theme park and change my son’s name to Nemo?  Not sure.  But it’s possible I even lost some friends who simply didn’t want to see me go down that road.  Can’t fault them that, but trust.  I have no plans to turn my home into the tacky ocean theme poster you had tacked on your bedroom wall in 1991.


But when I saw this $7 can at Home Depot,  I saw more than sea anemones and blubbing air bubbles.  I saw a chance to go outside of my comfort zone.  It’s certainly a challenge to use this color in a way that doesn’t stop you in your tracks and think, “Oh shit. I forgot my flippers!” on the way to veg out in front of the TV, but I’m confident that it can be done.

Not everyone called me in a panic though.  Some were excited, a few folks even saw my vision.  An aunt suggested a blue front door.



My sister-in-law suggested a stencil or a fun pattern.navy-herringbone-wall


And who said the floor was off limits?contemporary-kids

There was some talk of a blue kitchen too.  This photo made me think of painting that off-white desk area in our eat-in kitchen.


And speaking of kitchens…here’s the same room from another angle.modern-kitchen

Another blue kitchen.  See?  No dolphins to be seen.contemporary-kitchen

Granted, this is a more muted blue tone, but it’s a fairly close approximation of what the back wall of our dine-in area would look painted against our wood cabinets.*


We could paint the back wall of our eat-in area.


Or the guest room.



Or the den…


Here are some cool fireplace ideas.



And some more general eye-candy.




Ava Lane

I can add some black to this paint if I choose to warm up that royal blue, some white to go lighter, or even some yellow if I want to go a bit more teal.  Possibilities abound.

*Stop looking at me like that,  I know our kitchen isn’t anywhere near that amazeballs.  I said approximation, mm’k?


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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