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I know I’m not kidding anyone.  I don’t have fancy camera–my trusty iPhone is about all I have the patience for–but we do have a lot of action taking place on the home front!  Namely, with regards to the addition of the Biggest Couch of My Life in our great room.

Our new couch finally arrived last week and we’ve got it all gussied up with pillows and coordinating throws.  Of course the only two photos I’ve taken of it are of its naked, pre-pillowed stage: IMG_2805

and it’s I’m-so-lived-in-it’s-not-even-funny stage:IMG_2830
(Adorable toddlers and handsome husbands were not included in the sticker price)

When I went shopping I was torn between two color palettes:  bright and cheery, and dramatic and jewel-toned.   So what’s a girl to do but buy them all?

I brought home 26 pillows, 1 throw and 1 floor pouf to play around and see what worked best.   In the end, I wasn’t happy with either option — one seemed too safe and the other, which I LOVED, was too “out there” for Kirk to approve (no pink! lesson learned!).
IMG_2812 IMG_2817

Luckily my mom was with me.  She helped me to merge the two concepts and we ended up with a nice mix of bright and bold with a cheery compilation of yellows, and navys, and teals.  Don’t worry, our unused pillows were all successfully returned the next day.

Now my challenge is to get it all to tie into the adjacent dining room.  We have navy in the bicycle painting and orange and blues in the rug, but all the warm wood tones were really bringing it down and taming that bold color I was after.

I thought punching it up with a bright pendant chandelier might be the trick, and when I saw this guy on Etsy at MoodDesignStuido, I knew I had struck gold.pendant light

It pulls the yellow from the adjacent living room, the orange from the dining room carpet and the light and dark blues from both spaces.  It’s perfect except for one thing: the sticker price.
Drum Shade

At $125 for the shade and another $139 for the mounting kit (plus shipping!), I just can’t justify the purchase. And the husband was definitely NOT on board with spending that kind of cash on one of my design impulses.

So, once again I had to get resourceful.  The 1st budget-saving trick I implemented was committing to one large drum shade as opposed to two smaller ones (you can see in my collage above how I was toying around with two).  The second trick was to … what else?  DIY it.

So far I’ve bought the 20″ drum shade ($25 at Ikea) and tracked down the fabric ($37 for 2 yards at Spoonflower) and located the pendant kit ($75 at Lowes — note that I upgraded from a 1-light kit to a 3-light kit for better illumination).  If all goes well, I’ll have own improved pendant light for the low, low price of $137.  I just need to wait for my fabric to arrive and the light kit to get re-stocked at Lowes (I tried a couple local lighting stores but their prices for the same kit were scary high).

In the meantime, we’ve been spending a lot of time stretched out here.

And I’ve been playing around a little bit in the master bedroom.  Keen observers may have noticed that the two chevron pillows on the couch were once on our bed.  I’ve replaced them with those pink pillows the Hubby turned up his nose to.

Because if you can’t have pink pillows in the bedroom, then where can you? ;)


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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