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Shrub A Dub Dub


We love all the windows in our house and, oddly enough, have never felt as though all that glass infringed on our privacy at all.  In fact, I love looking out the window and seeing the neighborhood joggers doing their thing, Mr. Max walking home from synagogue in his suit, or the young family across the street getting ready for dinner. It makes me feel like we are part of something bigger.  Community is important — that’s the main reason why, while we wanted some level of seclusion in our new home, we didn’t want a home where we were a considerable distance from our neighbors.

Which is why this was such a problem.

From the street

Can you see it?  Can you?  No?  Well, that’s probably because there’s an enormous shrub in the way.

That’s right folks, we’ve finally gotten around to cleaning up the shrubbery around here!  For the past six months we’ve only been able to see out of one window in the entire front of our home.  And it’s in the guest room.  Which means whenever the trash truck comes down the road and Logan starts screaming, “Mama! Mama, TRUCK!”,  I have to pick him up and race him down the hall, around the guest bed and to this window so that he can see the trash men do their thing before they’re off again.  It’s my exercise for the week, I’m tellin’ ya.

Here’s an old photo showing the view from our kitchen window (it’s pretty outdated–the wallpaper is all gone now!) to give you an idea of what we’re actually looking at all day.  We’ve got holly free for the picking.  ‘Tis the season!

The holly bush stays green year round, but the shrubs in front of the windows have finally died back to allow for easier trimming.  We planned to trim everything back at the beginning of autumn, but as things typically go, we’re just getting to it now.  Looks like this time it worked in our favor!

Kirk tied a length of twine around each shrub where he wanted to make his cuts and then used both pruning shears and a hedge trimmer to cut about 2′ off the tops.  You’ll note that he had to feed the extension cord out the window (is it unusual that we don’t have outdoor outlets?).

2013-1222 (5)

2013-1222 (6)

Per usual, the County Inspector is hard to please.  “What is THIS?!”

Ok, so we only got one shrub bush-wacked before it started to pour, but it’s a start.  Kirk has four more bushes to trim on this side of the house and then the holly tree and two spherical shrubs in front of the kitchen.  Anyone who has come into close proximity to a holly tree or bush knows that that fella is going to be a bear.  We cut a holly tree down at our last house it was pretty rough with all those thorny points.

I’m at a loss for what to do with the spherical shrubs (they’re so large you can’t even see the holly tree behind them in this photo!).


They look nice a round and full from a distance, if not grossly overgrown, but they’re really quite strangely shaped.  The backs are all flat and they grow forward toward the street.  And only the outermost foliage is green –everything underneath is brown.  The long and short of it is that we’re afraid anything we do will expose these “flaws” and make them look pretty bad.  So, this is something we may hire out.

Speaking of greenery…we took this on our walk to the playground this weekend.  So pretty.  I just love living in a walkable neighborhood!



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