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After viewing a photo tour of this amazing Eichler house, I was inspired to try my hand at some more large scale art this weekend.   The art over shown over their bed seemed simple enough to replicate.  I liked that it was large and had a good bit of detail, but still maintained an uncluttered aesthetic.  It’s graphic, it’s personal, and it’s fun!


Source: Desire to Inspire

Unlike the bicycle canvases this took me less than an hour.  First I made a quick list of songs that are special to Kirk and me.  One played while we walked down the aisle.  A second played during our first dance at our wedding.  Another we sing to our son when we put him to bed at night.  Yet, another was one we’d request the band to play when we worked together at an Irish pub (as Kirk was my boss, our relationship wasn’t exactly public; thus, Steal My Kisses).  You get the idea.

From each of these songs I tried to snag some recognizable lyrics.  Some are funny, some sad, some sweet.  I tried to mix it up.  The only rule was that it had to fit in no less than 5 lines of text.  Speaking of text, I played around with it some until I found one that I thought would work. Here’s a secret: I hated the apostrophes from the font I selected so, while my text is Droid Sans Fallback, my apostrophes are all Khmer UI.

I picked up these NYTTJA frames for $1.99 at Ikea <— awesome store

and popped them in one night while watching Criminal Minds.  <— Awesome show!  Love me some Shemar Moore, but I don’t think Kirk would go for his face framed above the bed. ;)


Then I played around with the layout on the floor until I had them arranged the way I wanted them.  Did you know that most readers will automatically look at the lower left first?  Well, that’s the way it is when you read a magazine anyway … why should my master bedroom wall be any different?


I was a bit nervous about hanging them, but really, it only took about 10 minutes (I have a real aversion to hanging art and always work it up to be way worse in my mind than it actually is).  I taped 8 magazine pages up on the wall and shuffled them around until I their spacing seemed about right.  I just eye-balled it, but then followed up with the tape measure to ensure everything was plumb before marking my nail holes.  I drove the nails straight through the magazine pages and then tore the paper off leaving me with 8 perfectly spaced nails in the wall.   Then I just plunked my frames up and called it a day. Easy peasy!


Still need to reinstall those baseboards.


And hang some curtains.  And paint!


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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