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What I’m Loving — Paint

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I’m no interior designer — and in fact I find many design decisions quite paralyzing — but I know what I like when I see it which is why my Pinterest and Houzz boards are overflowing with ideas that maybe one day I’ll implement, but most likely I wont.   In honor of these dozens and dozens of pinned favorites, I thought I’d start a new series called What I’m Loving and share with you guys a few photos I’m obsessed with and what I would do if I had the time/money to make it happen.

The first installment of the series?  PAINT

Paint can make a huge statement for very little money — although it can be time consuming to achieve a unique look.  Remodelaholic compiled this great list of 100 wall treatments and these are my top 8.  Wouldn’t these look awesome on an accent wall?

This herring bone pattern would be great in the den across from the paneled wall.  Man, that’s a lot of painters tape:


I would love to do this simple design on one or two of the closet doors in my walk-in.


I can see painting these bold stripes on the far wall in our dining room for some great impact.


This random design would be funky in the guest room.  Very modern!


I LOVE this. I’d do it in the guest room or maybe on a smaller scale on the huge pocket door to the den?


This handwritten wall is awesome and all you need is a sharpie.  My handwriting isn’t consistent enough though. I’d be hyper critical of the final product.  Sigh.


This is a fun (and super easy!) idea for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom!


These triangles are also good for a kids room!


This photo is from a Bloomingdales catalog.  I want to do this in the master bedroom. For realz.

Ombre Pink

I’d do it in pink too if Kirk would let me.  Fat chance of that though.   But seriously folks — this is happening.


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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