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A Look at the Laundry

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I’m thrilled to have a light-filled laundry room right off my kitchen — really I am.  I even did two loads of colors and a load of whites on Saturday!  Kirk will be the first one to tell you that it’s been YEARS since I’ve done that (check out this post to read about why).  But as convenient as this space is, it has it’s shortcomings as well.

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The first issue — and the most easily addressed — is that it quickly became the catchall space for things that we couldn’t find a home for.  Stashed behind the previous owner’s kosher fridge were a rug, an ironing board, a vacuum, three lamps, three mirrors, two small tables, an art project, an art print, the 36×24 seating chart from our wedding, a vintage children’s desk from Kirk’s childhood, a small potted plant, and a basket of knickknacks.



Our first order of business was to take pictures of everything we planned to list for sale on Craigslist  (not all of which was stashed in this room). The we made a concerted effort to find a home for things like the vacuum while the items for sale were moved into the garage — including the fridge which required taking off not only the refrigerator doors, but the door to the garage as well.  It also meant cleaning up this grossness from underneath.  These are now the cleanest nine tiles in the entire kitchen/laundry area.


Yes, that’s dog food. The previous owner had a cat.

When the room was cleared out, we started bringing back in only what it made sense to keep.  We rolled the rug out because I figured it made the space look at bit more inviting even if it’s the same color as the walls and a bit too big for the room.


Then I brought back in this side table because I thought it would work well as a place to drop keys, purses and diaper bags.


Next I brought back in the desk and piled it high with some of Logan’s books, puzzles and forgotten toys.  Now he has a place to play while I’m making dinner (he loooves to sit in chairs).


Finally, I hung the mirror on the wall over the side table (perfect for that last hair check before walking out the door) and temporarily hung an art print of the seating chart that Kirk’s uncle created for our wedding reception.  I say temporarily because I gave it the Warhol treatment using some programs and printers at work and just have it tacked up there with double sided tape.


Photo Bombing Baby

Those with a keen eye will notice the desk chair changed in between shots. I found this sweet yellow number at a thrift store for $15 — it’s making the rounds.

In the short window provided by Logan’s nap we turned this space from a glorified closet into usable living space.  Is it pretty?  Not really, but it’s functional and that was our short-term goal.  In time we’ll paint the walls a fun color, maybe swap out the rug (I have a red one to test out), add a bench so we can sit and put on our shoes, and maybe hang a few hooks for coats.


Here’s a shot to get you oriented — that’s the door to the garage at the end of the hall and you can almost see one of the chairs in the kitchenette to the left.  You can also see Mission Wallpaper Removal underway.  It’s amazing how just knowing this room is open and uncluttered makes the whole kitchen space feel larger, even when you can’t directly see it.  Mind games.


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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