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A Masterful Color Palette

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Our master bedroom was probably the room that got the least attention in our first house, but ironically, it’s one of the closest to “done” in the new place.  I think that is because it’s just so large that our furniture suddenly seemed hilariously small.  We have a pretty substantial bedroom set, but it really looked dinky in the space — namely the rug.

I just realized I don’t have a true before picture with our furniture in place, so I took some lame screenshots from our video tour:

Snapshot 2 (8-20-2013 3-02 PM)  Snapshot 1 (8-20-2013 3-00 PM)

Our 5×8 rug worked fine in our last bedroom, but it looked like a postage stamp under our bed here. It mocked me every time I walked in the doorway.  After two weeks I had had enough — I did  quick search on Overstock.com and come up with this 8×10 rug for $215.

O.co rug

I was in love with the bold color palette and I knew that our dark bedroom needed something lively to brighten it up.  And it just so happened that the stars aligned: it was tax free week, Overstock offers free shipping, and I found a coupon code for $40 off which would bring the total cost to $175.  SOLD!

It was to be delivered a mere 3 days later which I was thrilled about … at first.  That was before I saw the FedEx guy ring the doorbell and literally RUN back to his truck; then I knew we were in for no good.  The rug arrived a little worse for wear, with a torn plastic cover and dirt ground into the white fibers.


Rather than figure out how to send it back, I figured I’d try my hand at spot cleaning it first.  Some hot water, clear dish soap (harder to find in my laundry room than one might think–I have a myriad of other colors though!), a half hour of scrubbing, and it was clean.  Phew!

Once I decided it was fit to keep, I was so excited to get it in place that I couldn’t wait for Kirk to get home to help me.


The kitchenware you spy was left by a less than helpful toddler running amuck.

I tugged, I lugged, I broke a sweat.  I prayed to the rug gods and pleaded to my Facebook friends.  Why, couldn’t I get this run in place?!

FB Rug

While they had some great advice, I surrendered and waited for Kirk to get home (who literally lifted a corner of the bed and unrolled the carpet with a single kick).  Men. pshh.


Three hours later in it’s final resting place.

With all this color going on under our feet it was immediately apparent that we needed to balance it out with more color around the room.  I thought we could add color through pillows, throws, and a new set of lamps (you can see above how painfully small — and mismatched — our bedside lamps were) so that was my mission.

I told you in our video tour about my attempts to arrange our books by their spine color, but sadly, our results were a little lackluster.  Kirk loves to poke fun and say, “Hmmm, I think I’ll read a RED book today! You should really call the Library Association of America and tell them they’re going about things all wrong.  Clearly, the Dewey Decimal System has no place in today’s world of home décor.”

Luckily, my mom had the same idea and, on a recent weekend visit, agreed to help fund this little style-party.  We hit up HomeGoods and grabbed four colorful pillows, an orange throw … and two hideous lamps.

IMG_0727   IMG_0730

Don’t worry, I had a vision for the lamps!  A little spray paint and a new shade and we now have cute, adorable owl lamps at our bedsides!!  I’m entirely smitten.


We still need to hang some artwork, paint, reinstall the baseboards, and figure out the curtain situation, but for under $350 I think we have a heck of a transformation.


And I hope you like chevrons because the pattern carries into the newly accessorized en suite!  Remember that bathmat I loved when we were talking about roller blinds??? #teaser


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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