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The MCM Top Ten


Every day I come across something new I love about this house so I thought I’d do a little round-up.

The laundry is right off the kitchen meaning I don’t have to venture into the scary depths of the basement like I did at our last place.  Ok, fine.  I never went down there, it’s true.  A dark basement with a single bulb in the middle of the room?  No thank you.  Besides, it didn’t even have a light switch by the door so I had to trust that there were no creepy-crawlies between me and the pull chain ten feet away. Long story short: Kirk did our laundry for years while I folded.  Ok, fine.  Sometimes I folded, mostly I just wore things straight out of the hamper.

Closets.  Our last place had exactly 40 SF of closet space.  Yes, I counted.  In case you’re having a hard time envisioning what 40 SF is like, let me tell you it’s not much!  We had four closets in the whole house and only one was large enough to stand in.  Not only do we now have a hall closet for things like linens and towels, we actually have closets INSIDE our bathrooms.  TWO of them!  This is epic.  It means that our spare toilet paper rolls are no longer stashed under a bed three rooms away…a situation left users in extremely awkward circumstances on more than one occasion.   It took me a couple tries to count all the closets in this house, but I finally confirmed that there are 13 of them.  The angels are singing.

Travel time.  I shaved a half hour off my work commute (even with dropping Logan off 6 miles in the opposite direction) and Kirk shaved nearly an hour off of his.  ‘Nuf said.

We have a garage!  Not only is this great for all of my furniture refinishing projects, but it provides a nice dry space to load/unload the kid when it’s raining buckets (as it has been more often than not).  Also, we can buy tools!  I have a long list of tools I’d love to own…can you say miter saw?

An indoor charcoal grill.  If you know me at all you know that I hate touching meat.  I like to eat it, sure, but cooking it?  No way.  The grill means that hopefully I can get Kirk in on the kitchen action too.  Just have to get that flue checked out….

Location, location, location.  I have no complaints.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.

Greenery.  Amid all the things we do have here, one of the pluses to this place is something that it doesn’t have:  high maintenance landscaping.  This house has mature shrubbery and trees that will need bi-annual trimming, but hopefully not much more than that.  Our last yard, while lovely, was a monumental time suck.  I can’t even begin to convey to you how much we hated to be out there mowing, weeding, mulching, spraying, and trimming.  It was awful.  The worst.  The one time we splurged and had it done professionally (when I was 9 months pregnant) it cost nearly $1k.  Yeah, it was like that.

No stairs.  While our little guy has become exceptionally proficient at the stairs, it will be nice not to have to monitor his ups and downs all the live long day.  Besides, when I’m old and gray, I won’t have to battle the steps with my creaky knees to relive my weakened bladder.  Of course, there is a down side to this too:  we used to be able to contain Logan to a single floor of only three rooms.  This is no longer the case.  I now lose my son more frequently that I care to admit and yesterday I found him with the wrong end of a flame starter in his mouth.  Time to install drawer locks!!

A bathroom on the main floor — three of them!!  Even if they are all the colors of the rainbow I no longer have to invite company (and workmen!) into my private bathroom.  I can leave the toothpaste out if I want to!  It’s the little things ain’t it?

Trader Joe’s is only one mile away.  I might move in.   What isle do they keep the Cookie Butter in?  If you need me, that’s where I’ll be.  The same complex also has a Fleet Feet, a Chipotle, a LOFT, and a Starbucks for when Kaity comes to visit.  :)

…Lest this list comes off as braggart, please know that a Not So Top Ten list is soon to follow.


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

2 thoughts on “The MCM Top Ten

  1. YES! Starbucks! The only other relevant info for me on this new fabulous abode of yours is, how far is BWI? ;)

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