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Deck the … Eaves?

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Hi all, Kirk here.  We had a call of duty for The Brawn again last weekend.

Can you guess what’s wrong with this picture?


If you said the tree planted directly under the eaves and partially obscuring the door to our master bedroom you would be correct.  If you noted the mulch leading up to said door you get bonus points.

The previous owners had thier own vision for the exterior of our home.  And it was not a good vision at all.  I mean that literally as the view from our bedroom was completely obstructed.  They must have really wanted privacy and just went about it in the worst possible way.  Instead of planting trees and shrubs around the exterior of the property, they did so directly under the eaves.  They not only destroyed what was likely once a great outdoor patio space, but they decreased the functionality of the home.


Did I mention they planted these trees mere inches from the house?

Trees 2

It makes absolutely no sense at all.  Two of the three trees along the back of our home have probably reached their max height, but the holly tree outside our bedroom was actually touching the underside of the roof.  See?

Trees 1

Holly trees, by the way, are my least favorite tree in the world.  They’re messy, they’re prickly, and they’re unrelenting.  I tried to cut one down at our last property and it has been laughing at me for the last four years.  It simply will not die.  This tree was in serious danger of causing damage to our house though, so I grabbed a saw.

I hacked away for about an hour and made the holly tree my bitch.   With the trimmings gathered in two refuse bags and one large bundle of sticks, I declared myself victorious.



I left a couple feet of the tree trunk for another weekend when I return to dig up the root.  My hope is that I can use them for leverage to pull the root system up and won’t have the same problem we did at the last house:  an immovable stump mocking me as it constantly sprouts new prickly limbs.


Olivia here.  I just wanted to pop in and share that Kirk made quick business of removing the remaining stump this past weekend.  A quick trip to Home Depot for a pick axe, 10 minutes of hard labor, and it was done!  My hero.


We talked briefly about replanting some scaled down shrubbery here since it looks a little naked now, but it makes more sense to leave it bare until we can haul away all the mulch and create a sweet little patio area instead.  Imagine a beautiful glass door leading to a slate tiled patio complete with a vintage wrought iron cafe set.  Then we can use the door off our bedroom to enjoy a morning cup o’ joe with our deer dear friends!


Can you spy all eight?


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