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There’s an App…liance for That


Our stove top is so shiny and pristine that I was a little surprised when the manufacturer referred to it as an “antique appliance” when I wrote to them regarding replacement parts.

IMG_0664 (2)

Vintage?  Ok.  But antique?  I suppose by most people’s standards 55 years old is antique, although I still prefer to think of it as vintage.  Just sounds cooler.  Say it with me Tom, “Vintage. My vintage appliance.”  See?  Much better.

Perhaps the manual should have tipped me off that finding replacement parts might not be so easy.



let’s get a closer look at that description shall we?


I love the dad in his apron.  Wonder if I can get Kirk to don one of those?

The manual  has 13 pages of recipes including instructions for how to percolate your coffee.  Man, it’s good to be a child of the 80s chillin’ with my K-Cups.

I was really excited to use the griddle and am eager to try out the homemade recipes for French Toast and “pan cakes” that call for fat and not butter.  Sounds heavenly.  Where does one buy fat?  Is that like Crisco?  Or do I have to butcher a duck and cure my own?


But back to the issue at hand. I called Thermador because when we first fired up this handsome fella (can I still say this if it’s an electric stove?) we realized his front two burners had some issues.  One didn’t get hot  and the other sat at such an angle that my sunny-side up egg slid to the edge of the pan and didn’t end up looking so sunny.

Kirk was able to fix the wonky burner by pulling it out and resetting it, but even after I cleaned the connectors to the dud it still wouldn’t fire up.  We did a little switch-a-roo with a back burner to 1)  ensure it was an issue with the burner and not the receptacle (it was); and 2) give us two functioning burners up front.

We may try out a couple of the generic burners you can get at Home Depot or something to see if they’re a match, but to be honest, I rarely use one burner so only having three functioning burners isn’t a huge issue for us.

… Unless, of course, I need all four burners to test out that Cocoanut Cream Pie.  I want to know if that extra “a” makes all the difference.

Besides, try as I might, I’m not her:

Source Unknown

Nope, not even close.

2013-08-10 06.34.40

Just keeping it real folks … bed head, burnt pancakes and all.


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

2 thoughts on “There’s an App…liance for That

  1. Don’t forget to wear the heels when your cooking. Get your duck and cure your own fat if you want to but I would just buy some good old fashion lard (Would that be antique or vintage?). Always have a brick or two around the house. And don’t use Crisco – go for the real thing. Lived in a house where they used Crisco in the cookies, not good. Not sure Home Depot will have your burner, try an appliance service store. Send a pix and I’ll check out Capital Appliance here in town. Keep up the writing, love it.

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