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Dowdy Drapes

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The house came with heavy, boring, yet undoubtedly expensive drapes in the living/dining room and the master bedroom.

There were two types of drapes in the living room:  a navy with gold stripes and a cream.  The cream drapes spanned the entire wall of windows while the navy panels served as accents on each end.

Living Room, looking right.


Not only were they not our style, but they were covered in cat hair.  So they went.

My mom and I made quick work of removing the seven panels in the living/dining room (they weighed a ton!) on our second day of homeownership and just moments before the flooring installation began.  I wish I could tell you we donated them or laundered them and repurposed the liner, but with everything that we had going on, I admit that they simply ended up at the county dump.  You can’t win ’em all.

Kirk and I tackled the even lovelier drapes in our bedroom last weekend.


Our room is surprisingly dark despite the large windows.  When looking at it from the outside it’s more than evident why:  our bedroom is the under a canopy of pine trees and spends most the day in the shade.  To help you get your bearings, it’s nestled in the shadows to the left of the photo below.  There’s also a large holly bush (tree?) in front of the window (more on it’s recent demise in a future post) although it’s tough to discern in this photos due to those shade trees.


Kirk and I removed FORTY NINE screws to get that blasted valance and curtain rod down.   We now have FORTY FOUR plastic and metal anchors still embedded in the drywall.  WTF?  If we can’t yank them out we’ll have to drive them in –both promise a hell of a patch job.  Awesome.

Anyway, look how much brighter the space is without the drapes (and that pesky holly tree).  A fresh coat of paint will also help tremendously.


See all those anchors though?  And who installed that backward roller shade?  Not us. (Which one is backward by the way?  We have no idea!)

And no, we haven’t reinstalled our baseboards yet.  Don’t judge.

I have two stunning curtain panels that I fell in love with over a year ago but had no need for at the time.  I was excited to finally bust them out of their packaging and use them in this space, but I didn’t realize our windows were so tall.  The panels are actually shower curtains and are about 2 feet too short.  Boo.

Instead, I’ve been internet stalking Ikea’s textile pages.  I was a little disappointed with their options though.  However, while I’m toying with something with a little more  color and a lot more pizzazz for an overlay, Ikea does have these fun and inexpensive sheers:

Ikea Sheers

My mom also sent me this photo of some fabric she stumbled on.  Love the gold!


Wouldn’t something like this be amazing in the living room?

And how about this for the bedroom?

So many possibilities!


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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

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  1. Love the colors in the bedroom design!

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