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Ummm… What’s THAT?

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Those are the words we uttered when we walked through the kitchen with our realtor for the very first time.  THAT turned out to be old glue oozing up from underneath the floor tiles.

Well, oozing probably isn’t the best word.  At one time it was obviously oozing, but now … it was dried and crusty.  Ugly and gross is what it was.  And in my kitchen.  Blech.


Obviously this is one of the first things I attacked when we moved in (well, that and the wallpaper, but again, that’s another post).  Armed with my spray bottle off Goof Off (I’m quickly running out of this miracle serum living here) I stuck Logan in his high chair with opposing armies of Cheerios and grapes while I crept around on my knees scraping at crud and singing the Elmo’s World theme domination song.

Once I was down there I realized this stuff was in just about every crack–just not in the same proportions as the ones immediately evident from a standing vantage point.  You can see it where the two red arrows are pointing below, but you can’t see it in all the crevices in between.  Trust me, it was there!

Floor Gunk

Luckily, it was soon apparent that the glue had hardened to stone-like substance and I abandoned my Goof Off and resorted to a butter knife.  I much preferred this method of chipping away the gunk than the goo-smearing method I had imagined, so I considered this a small victory.  In the end, it took about 20 minutes, but the floors (while still less then lovely by design) are gunk-free now.

Eventually we want to replace these floors, but that will come another day.

Since I had my Goof Off at the ready, I took to the sliding glass doors in the living room.  At some point the previous owners had placed yellow floral stickers at about eye-level on each of the three sliding glass doors.  One can only assume they were intended to alert knuckle-heads as to the glass pane they were about to careen into.  Perhaps I’m giving us too much credit here, but I’m fairly certain we won’t need these eyesores to warn us that the door is quickly approaching, and so I removed them.   We’ll see if we stay injury free.

I got a close up of one of the stickers, but you can almost make two of them out in this MRIS listing photo circled in red.



As you can see from my close up above, the previous owners also planted a couple trees in front of two doors to the back yard.  They even mulched right up to the glass.  Crazy.

My detailing spree went on to include scratches on the paneled wall and the doors to the hall closet (you can see these doors at the end of the hall in the kitchen photo above) — both of which had areas that had been abused over the years.  The paneled wall had apparently been battered by those blue chairs you see above and the closet doors by … someone’s long fingernails perhaps?  Not sure.  Some Old English Scratch Cover did the trick, followed up with a dowsing of Pledge.


I also took a spray bottle of Clorox to a handful of grimy  light switches.  Only have about 372 more to hit.  See?  Disgusting.


FYI I’ve got big plans for these original GE switches and plates.  My research has proved that replacing them will range anywhere from $25 for a single switch to $65 for a triple switch (of which we have several).  Yikes.  Most of them have been painted over numerous times which makes them look even worse and so we’ve decided to just strip the paint off them for now.  We may update them as necessary when and if we have electric issues in the future.

So, these aren’t major overhauls by any means, but the little improvements we made our first week in the house really do make us feel like we’re making headway.  At least we’re that much closer to living in sanitary conditions.  We gotta start somewhere!


Author: Olivia @ Mid-Century Modern(ization)

I am a wife, mother, and writer. I am also a crafting, furniture-refinishing, home-designing nut.

One thought on “Ummm… What’s THAT?

  1. Wow! Where do you get all your energy? Your house is looking good!

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